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Marketplace Sellers on Payless Daily

The partnership we share with our Marketplace sellers makes millions of products available to you on paylessdailyonline.com; this means more brands and wider selections.

Selling on Payless Daily Marketplace is offered to qualified businesses only. We have a thorough selection process and analyze the seller’s catalog, operations, business information, and more to ensure they can provide the same high-quality experiences to all of our paylessdailyonline.com customers.

  • If your item is sold by a Marketplace seller, you get the same secure checkout process and single payment that you have come to expect when shopping at paylessdailyonline.com.
  • We process your payment; Payless Daily does not share your financial information with Marketplace sellers.

Marketplace sellers are responsible for:

  • Managing and supporting your order including shipping and handling, customer service, exchanges, and returns.

If you have questions about a product you purchased from a Marketplace seller or a problem with a Marketplace order, contact them directly. If you have an issue that you are not able to resolve with a Marketplace seller, Payless Daily is available to help resolve issues in accordance with the Payless Daily Marketplace Promise.

Payless Daily Marketplace Promise

Though you are shopping the most trusted Marketplace online, sometimes things can go wrong. The Payless Daily Marketplace Promise gives you peace of mind when buying items shipped and sold by our third-party sellers.

The Payless Daily Marketplace Promise applies in the following cases:

  • Three or more days have passed since the estimated delivery date and you have not received the item.
    • If you need to request a refund under the Payless Daily Marketplace Promise, we accept requests for 90 days after the last estimated delivery date of the item you ordered.
  • Tracking for your package shows the item has not shipped to the shipping address on your order.
  • You received items(s) different than expected and a return was denied by the seller.
  • Your item was returned with a trackable shipping method and the seller has not issued you a refund within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Deductions were taken for the cost of return shipping fees, and the return was at the fault of the seller.

Payless Daily may contact the seller and provide them the opportunity to make it right. The seller will have 48 hours to support a satisfactory resolution. If the resolution provided is unsatisfactory, Payless Daily will step in and determine the right solution which will be deemed as final.

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