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Critically acclaimed for redefining the first-person shooter genre, Halo games capture the hero's journey unlike any other game. Set in a distant future where aliens threaten the existence of humanity, Master Chief, a genetically enhanced and decorated super soldier, must rise to the occasion to save what remains of earth from complete destruction and chaos. Here is a quick snapshot of the franchise's most exciting and useful features so you can put your best foot forward.

State-of-the-art high dynamic range (HDR) lighting makes every scene look and feel like the real thing, from terrifying gloom to dazzling sunshine, adding more detail to every weapon, more texture to every character and more realism to every battle Enemies, each with their own distinct personality, strategy and fighting style, make for better encounters and more replay value, which will culminate in larger-scale combat. Made famous as a key component of the renowned ""Halo 2"" multiplayer experience, gamers can also track their progress as they view their rankings and stats in real time.

Never fight alone with the franchise's celebrated co-op and multiplayer options. Staying true to the original games, you have four-player split-screen and system-link gameplay, letting gamers battle it out online, via Xbox Live or with a group of friends in their own living rooms. You can also create and customize a variety of content that can be shared with anyone around the world who is connected to Xbox Live. Edit custom game types, saved films and screenshots and upload them, or check out films, game types, screenshots and more that are recommended by Bungie Studios. The franchise's latest installment, Halo Wars 2, offers a more elaborate and comprehensive strategy, RPG experience, allowing players to have more control over battles.