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About Movies & TV Shows -

Enjoy a Viewing Marathon with Great Movies and TV

What could be more relaxing than sitting down to watch a great movie or to catch up on a show after a long day at work? Whether you're a movie buff looking for the next new release or prefer to binge-watch TV shows, Payless Daily has you covered with a wide selection of entertainment options. Browse for your favorite movies and TV shows and discover new titles you'll love.

Which format is best?

You'll find DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K movies while browsing through the selection offered by Walmart. DVDs can be played on DVD players, gaming systems, and on laptops. Blu-rays can be played on Blu-ray players and on gaming systems. The main difference between the DVD and Blu-ray formats is the amount of storage space on the discs. A DVD can store 4.6GB of data, while Blu-ray discs can store 25GB of data and 50GB of data for the dual layer discs. Blu-rays typically have a better audio and video quality and come with more extras compared to DVDs. If you have a TV with 4K, HD, or 3D features, Blu-rays will be the best way to enjoy your TV. You can also find many movies that include a DVD and a Blu-ray disc.

How can I browse for movies?

Browsing for movies is very easy, whether you're looking for your all-time favorite classics or for new releases. Blockbusters and franchises such as Star Wars, Frozen, or Trolls should be prominently featured, but you can also browse by genre if you're looking to expand your movie and TV collection. Check out the selection of Disney movies if you have young children, and take a look at the Harry Potter and Star Wars sections if you're a fan of sci-fi and fantasy. Movies are organized by genres such as animated movies, action, drama, horror, romance, or kids movies among many others so you can easily find what you're looking for.

How can I find my favorite TV shows?

Owning your favorite TV shows on DVD or Blu-ray is ideal if you like to rewatch episodes. You can actually buy the latest season of your favorite show as soon as it comes out instead of catching the episodes as they air on TV. Check out the TV section to find the latest TV shows or browse by network. If you have a favorite TV show, use the search bar to find seasons available on DVD and Blu-ray or to find a box set of the entire show.

How can I discover new movies and shows I will like?

There are different ways to discover new entertainment options. If you're shopping with a budget in mind, take a look at the $5 DVDs section or shop Blu-ray by price. This is a great way to find classics you have always wanted to own and to give new movies a chance, you'll find some fun double features, some recent releases, and some timeless classics at everyday low prices. You can also browse for movies and shows by genre; look up actors, actresses, and directors; or take a look at the customers favorite section if you want to find out which movies and shows are popular.

How can I find the latest movies and TV shows?

The best-sellers section is a great place to find popular movies and TV shows. Recent releases usually end up in this section but so do classics when they're first released on Blu-ray or DVD. Payless Daily has a new releases section so you can easily see the latest movies that were released. You can even preorder Blu-ray and DVDs before their initial release if you want to add a movie to your collection as soon as it becomes available. If you recently purchased a 4K TV, check out the 4K resolution section to see the latest movies available in this format.

What's InstaWatch and VUDU?

Many DVDs and Blu-ray offered by Payless Daily come with a digital version of the movie. These digital movies are available by a VUDU service called InstaWatch. You can then stream your movies on a laptop, on a gaming system, on a Blu-ray player, or via a VUDU Spark stick. You can also use your VUDU account to buy digital versions of movies and shows or to simply rent content. This feature allows you to watch your movies on more devices and to watch your movies and shows right away if you decide to order online.

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