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From power cords, wires and cables to dimmers, switches and wall plates, Payless Daily has the electrical supplies you need to keep things working.

If you're installing or replacing an outlet, make sure to get one with an appropriate amp rating. Most U.S. homes are wired with a combination of 15-amp and 20-amp circuits, but 15-amp outlet receptacles can be used with both 15-amp and 20-amp outlets. There are a variety of types of outlet receptacles, from standard 15-amp duplex receptacles to ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles (GFCIs), which protect against dangerous ground faults, and tamper-resistant receptacles, which protect children from electrocution by preventing the insertion of objects.

When selecting wire, pay attention to the label information, the maximum voltage rating, the material and the gague, as well as the color. Green insulated wire and bare copper are always ground wires, and white insulated wires are always neutral. Other colored insulated wires, such as black, blue and red wires, are hot.

A cable is a group of wires encased in sheathing. You'll find a variety of types of cable, including NM cable, UF cable, armored cable (AC) and coaxial cable. We also carry extension cords, and look into our cord management options to keep things under control.

With Every Day Low Prices on all your electrical needs, Payless Daily has you covered. Save money. Live better.