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Add moisture to the air for a healthier environment with a humidifier. Select the right size and type while considering the extra features available.

Size: A room humidifier suffices when you don't mind moving the appliance from room to room. To benefit the whole house or multiple rooms at once, you need a whole house humidifier, which is called a console humidifier.

Type: Cover larger spaces with a room temperature mist using cool mist humidifiers. Release warm moisture into the air with warm mist humidifiers. These have a boiling process that kills germs before releasing the moisture. Ultrasonic humidifiers are available as either cool mist or warm mist types, and they have incredibly quiet operation.

Features: Control the levels of humidity with a humidistat. A model that prevents mineral dust from dispersing is preferable for your health. The tank size determines how frequently you need to refill your humidifier with water.