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Longboards are designed for smoother and more comfortable riding as compared to skateboards and penny boards, whose smaller sizes and other features make them ideal for grinds and tricks. Choose your longboard by shape, flexibility, and length.

Traditional cruiser boards have the shape of a typical skateboard and are a medium-length longboard. This type is easier to navigate on sidewalks and through crowds because of its kicktail in the back.

Drop-through longboards are flexible, which puts less pressure on your knees and ankles when riding, so they're ideal for longer rides. These boards are also more stable and easier to push because they have a lower center of gravity.

Commuter-style longboards are the most stable type of longboard since their wheels are placed at the very ends of the decks. They're also ideal for carving because the top-mounted design gives you more leverage.

Longboards that are 32 inches to 42 inches long are considered midsize and appropriate for all riders. They're the most common size of longboard. Shorter boards of 28 to 32 inches are a more manageable size for younger and smaller riders. Longboards 42 inches or longer can get heavy, but they're ideal if most of your riding will be longer rides that won't require a lot of navigating of crowds. You'll get a much more relaxed ride with these longer boards.