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Playing with the PlayStation TV/Vita

Now there are more ways to play your favorite PlayStation games. PlayStation TV offers an easy and affordable way for the whole family to experience PlayStation with the handheld gaming console known as PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi takes the greatness of PS4 on the go with the ultimate gamer's companion. With the Vita system, gamers can play over 1,000 PlayStation games, including Final Fantasy X, God of War Collection, and Minecraft, plus classic games from the PS One and PSP systems among others.

The slim, sleek device also features a more immersive gaming experience away from your console and TV. Stream a wide range of your PS4 games on your PS Vita system via a local Wi-Fi network. You don't absolutely need Wi-Fi to operate the console, but certain features will not be available without it.

PlayStation Vita is approximately 20 percent slimmer and 15 percent lighter than the original version, with an internal memory of 1 gigabyte, increased battery life of four to six hours of game play, rounded edges for comfort while playing and a high-resolution liquid crystal display (LCD) for crisp, vivid visuals.

The Vita console is available in three colors: Black, Aqua Blue or Glacier White.

You can save more and get more with a value bundle. Include the greatness of PlayStation gaming in your mobile lifestyle with the all-in-one Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle. With dual analog sticks for precision control and critically acclaimed co-op, you can shoot and loot through the world of Pandora with your friends. This limited edition bundle includes the new PS Vita Wi-Fi system, Borderlands 2 (a digital voucher for the full game), 8 gigabytes of memory and more.

If you already have a PS4, you can use Vita to stream games to another TV. Remote Play will let you remotely control a PS4 system and stream the gameplay to your Vita system over Wi-Fi. That way, you can carry on with your game on the PS Vita, freeing up your television for other uses.


At Payless Daily, you'll not only find great prices on PlayStation Vita, but also a wide selection of PS4 and PS Vita games, including favorites such as Lego and Star Wars. You can shop new releases and even preorder games that are coming soon. If you're not sure what you want, you can browse by category, including action and adventure, fighting games, flight and flying, party, racing and many more.

PS Vita boasts a huge catalog of titles, including the Madden NFL, Minecraft and NBA 2K franchises, just to name a few. Some of the best-selling games include Assassin's Creed, MLB: The Show, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and many more.

Check out Payless Daily's selection of PS4 and PS Vita games to find a new title or replace a worn-out favorite. You can quickly build an impressive collection of video games to play on your Vita system.

Search by genre: One way to explore the selection of PS Vita games is to search by genre. If you like role-playing games, check out Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, Persona 4 Golden and Child of Light. If you enjoy fighting games, try Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and others. If you want to buy sports games, look into FIFA Soccer and .

Search by ESRB rating: If you're not sure whether a game is appropriate for certain members of your family, you can follow the ESRB ratings displayed on the front of the game. Narrow your search to games that are suitable for everyone in the family or select "mature" to see only those titles that contain content intended for adults.

For the ultimate savings, consider pre-owned games. Payless Daily offers a huge selection for PS4.


Payless Daily offers dozens of Vita accessories including memory cards, chargers, cables, controllers and cases.

Some of the more popular accessories are memory cards. Enjoy all of your digital entertainment with a 32-gigabyte PlayStation Vita Memory Card. Store your game saves, PSN downloads and personal media on this card. A memory card is required for most game play on PS Vita. Save up to 16 full Vita games, 24 movies, over 9,000 songs or 6,400 photos.

With Payless Daily's Every Day Low Prices, you can get more out of your PlayStation Vita for less.