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Toddler Beds

Graduating from a crib to a toddler bed is a major milestone. Choosing a toddler bed that's both practical and fun for your child will help ease the transition and make bedtime more enjoyable for both of you.

Now that your child is developing their own interests and personality, you can keep those in mind when selecting a bed. Many toddler beds are novelty beds featuring themes that spark kids' imaginations. You might choose a car or fire truck bed, a princess bed or a character bed.

Toddler beds can be standard height, raised or on the ground. Raised loft beds are often configured to have forts or other creative hideouts underneath, which can be fun for your child and will also gain some space in their room. However, if your child is prone to falling out of bed, you'll be better off with one that's on the ground. Many toddler beds come with built-in side rails to protect against falls, but if yours doesn't, you may want to purchase bed rails separately.